Collaboration with Kristie Lund.

First Mate encourages healthy ageing by facilitating friendships that share a common interest: boating. Using the app, elderly citizens meet up with young people who offer them a ride on their boat, in exchange for knowledge, wisdom and a mate to head out onto the open seas with.

First Mate is an ecologically minded brand that is dedicated to improving the lives of all stakeholders involved, by engaging in environmentally responsible activities. It is at the core of what we believe in as designers.

Activities organised through First Mate will predominantly be undertaken on the water, therefore it would benefit our consumers if we could make the waterways a cleaner place. With around 8 million items of rubbish entering the marine environment every day worldwide, First Mate is dedicated to making a change (UNEP, 2005).

The project incorporates a smartphone app and membership cards to facilitate connection with the young and old. The membership cards were prototyped by manually melting HDPE milk bottles and lids.  Folding and manipulating the plastic whilst melted, achieved an incredible mottled pattern. The cards are eye catching and practical, as they float in the water if dropped overboard.


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